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Also, Dirty Work is funny as fuck. In the early going, at least.

Dirty work: Robots take on complex obstacles in US Army exercise

MacDonald and co-writers Fred Wolf and Frank Sebastiano make no effort whatsoever to hide the hilariously transparent nature of their setups and payoffs. Before finding their calling as professional pranksters, for example, MacDonald and Lange get jobs at a movie theater run by Don Rickles. Does he listen patiently to their concerns and work to foster an open, mutually symbiotic relationship between management and labor?

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  • Dirty work: Robots take on complex obstacles in US Army exercise.

No, he most assuredly does not. Has anyone taped live commercials since TV made the big switch from black and white to living color? But why take my word for it, when you can watch the legendary hookers-in-trunks scene yourself?

Multibagger hunt! We’ve done the dirty work, you can pick & choose

If a great movie is one with two great scenes and no bad ones, then Dirty Work is half a great movie. It contains more than its share of bad scenes, but it does have two brilliant ones. I love how MacDonald and Lange maintain the same comic-book pose greedily clutching giant fish like characters in an old Looney Tunescartoon as their innocent little prank turns deadly.

After a certain point however, Dirty Work stops being a sly, funny meta-commentary on slobs-vs. The A. Nathan Rabin. Share This Story. Kotaku Cosplay. Club News. Avenue Supermarts Ltd.

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    Dirty Work: My Gruelling, Glorious, Life-changing Summer In the Wilderness

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    Dirty Work Dirty Work
    Dirty Work Dirty Work
    Dirty Work Dirty Work
    Dirty Work Dirty Work
    Dirty Work Dirty Work

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